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What should be a sweet moment turns into a phobia test for Louie as she asks him to dangle at the roof's edge.As he panics and asks her to come away from the edge, she extols the beauty of the situation and why she isn't afraid, and, for a fleeting moment, Louie sees in her something extraordinary, but then the woman's mood changes and she asks to go home and, with the final words of the episode, she reveals her name to be Liz.Then it skips to him telling a joke about his daughters' jokes at a local night club.Following that, he is invited to dinner by a comedian friend (Allan Havey) and his wife.He shows up to learn that he has been set up with a woman named Laurie (Melissa Leo).They don't get along well at first but end up leaving to get a drink at the end of dinner. While swimming, Louie is rescued by a lifeguard named Ramon who thinks he is drowning.

She reveals herself as a Manic Pixie Dream Girl, and takes Louie to a bar but is refused shots by the bartender, who reminds her of problems she had on a previous visit.

After attending a funeral for a comedy club manager, where only Louie and Robin Williams attend, they later meet up and discuss how horrible a person he was.

They then visit a local strip club that the manager had often tried to get people to go to with him and find some people who are devastated to learn of his death. In the second segment, Louie is forced to look after his mentally challenged school-parent acquaintance Nancy's creepy son, Never.

Delirious with stress, he reaches his father's house, but then flees dramatically, using a BRP Can-Am Spyder Roadster and a cigarette boat to make his escape."Looking for Liz": Louie still longs for Liz, whose one night with him changed his life.

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He returns to the bookstore where she worked to find she has been replaced — by a woman with even more quirks (Chloë Sevigny). When Louie's interest in finding Liz or love fades, his guide masturbates in public then parts company with him, adding that she is married.After telling this to Ramon, their friendship becomes somewhat awkward, so they decide to part ways.

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These are the boys who I refer to as the "peter-pans". If you are genuinely interested in someone, why would you want to miss the chance to pursue that happiness? You would practice your hardest and play your heart out to try and make it to the championship game.… continue reading »

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