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Fresh out of campus, she was a few weeks into her first job with an agricultural research institute.

One morning, like she had since the beginning of June that year, she got up early and prepared for work, straightened her long hair and brushed her teeth, put on her slacks and boots, and headed off to work.

When in college in 2004, she started plaiting her hair, her father was furious.

After she started transitioning, most of her family and relatives stopped speaking to her, and her friends did not want to be associated with her.

Currently AHF Kenya in conjunction with other partners has 27,928 patients in the care and treatment program.

AHF has a prevention program which works in collaboration with the Ministry of Health in HIV testing and condom distribution.

For years she was the butt of jokes because her fellow students could not understand why she chose to live the way she did.

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Audrey's sex on her birth certificate is male, but she always had an internal sense of being female - thus, she identifies as a trans-woman, and has sought sex change therapy for years.

A psychiatrist gave her some medication for her depression. The psychiatrist figured it was a case of gender identity, and she was referred to Kenyatta hospital for sex change therapy. 'Moving goal posts' In March 2009 after a series of evaluations from a number of doctors, Audrey was supposed to get sex reassignment surgery.

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