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Most notably, he pointed out that native speakers of English are or will soon be outnumbered by those who speak English as a second or foreign language. Click here for more details The Eurotales Conference of International Language Museums, February, 2017: The people behind 10 language museums met in the splendour of the restored chapel of San Jacopo at the Istituto Lorenzo de Medici, Florence, to share experiences on...

While rooted in the history of the East India Company, David's lecture will stimulate a contemporary conversation about the continuing story of English in India today, a fitting celebration of the Anglo-Indian cultural collaboration in 2017. Read more Professor Chrsitopher Mulvey has been invited to write an article for English Review journal following his 2016 monthly English Project Shakespeare blogs.

Benson then stepped in to explain the dangers facing young people when it comes to the subject of sex crimes.'The laws are changing, the statute of limitations for victims of sexual assault are being extended, so this is why people need to be educated on a brush against the shoulder,' Benson said.'Because anything at this point can be considered sexual assault and it is a good thing to be educated about the laws.'On the topic of law, Wyatt said early in the interview that he was not surprised at all with the verdict in the case. 'And I knew that once they heard the truth it was either going to be a mistrial or a verdict of not guilty.'He claimed that there were 'so many inconsistencies in Constand's testimony.' Wyatt then added: 'She gave a different testimony to the Toronto police department and then to Montgomery County and then to the DA Castor at that time, which is why they decided not to press charges (in 2005).'He also claimed the 52 hours that the jury tried to come to a verdict last week was the 'longest deliberation ever in the history of Montgomery County'.

'(Cosby) has always said, 'I don't want people coming in deciding if I'm guilty or innocent. As for his client, he said Cosby is doing better than ever.'He's great, I talked to him this morning,' he said.

Funny and wry in its account of the older Venus's erotic infatuation with the beautiful youth Adonis (who had other things on his mind) the poem had...

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'We're going to talk to young people because this is bigger than Bill Cosby,' Wyatt said.'This issue can affect any young person, especially young athletes of today, and they need to know what they're facing when they're hanging out and partying, when they're doing certain things that they shouldn't be doing.'He then added: 'And it also affects married men.' The Montgomery County District Attorney's Office did not respond to a request for comment about Cosby's planned tour.Cosby has said his encounter with Constand was consensual.The alleged victim, now 44, initially went to police about a year after she said Cosby assaulted her, but a prosecutor declared her case too weak to bring charges.Two more Bill Cosby jurors have spoken out saying the jury was almost evenly split in its deliberations, which refutes earlier claims the majority wanted to convict the entertainer.

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The jurors, who spoke anonymously to the Associated Press and TV network WPXI​, said on Thursday that a similar number of jurors wanted to convict the 79-year-old as acquit him.Cosby is now eager to get back to work after the sex assault case ended in a mistrial.